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  • How do I pay for these delicious cookies?
    Your payment in full is required up front so that I can source your cute cutters, spectacular sprinkles, fabulous food colors and the perfect packaging. If your payment is not received within 48 hours of the invoice being issued, your order will be released to the next person in line. Your payment also secures your cookie date. And by date – I mean the date you pick up cookies, we’re not going for a night out – unless you need one. Ha-Ha!
  • When are pickup dates and times?
    Pick-up days and times are set upon ordering, this is because other people need their cookie fix too. All orders are pick-up only. Please put that cookie pick-up date in your calendar. Pick-up location will be at my home, on the west side of Carpentersville, I’ll give ya the address – when you order cookies. Delivery can be an option if you live within 10 miles of Carpentersville, IL. However, a $15.00 delivery fee will be applied. I love a good drive, especially if I pass a Starbucks :) Once you pick-up your order (thanks again, by the way), what happens to your cookies is all on you! Keep ‘em safe, keep ‘em secure, keep ‘em cool and keep ‘em away from the dog. I am a baker, not a miracle maker.
  • What if I can't make the cookie pickup time?
    No show = No cookies Your cookies are best enjoyed fresh. Not showing up at the agreed upon pick-up time, forfeits your order. I do build in a 30 minute grace period. But take heart, your cookies will be donated to a family in need. If you need to reschedule your pick-up, no problem…but please reach out no later than 4 days prior to your scheduled date. If your event has been rescheduled – you may still pick up your cookies on the scheduled date. Sealed cookies stay fresh for up to 3 months in the freezer! Weather Clause If pickup is impossible due to inclement weather, your order will be heat sealed for a later pickup date. Unfortunately, no refunds can be offered due to weather (darn snow), but I will make sure your order is kept as fresh as possible!
  • Can you make orders in a hurry?
    While My Cookie Cottage can’t accommodate all last minute orders, I will try my best to do so. Orders placed with a turnaround time of under 6 days will require a rush fee of $25
  • Will the cookies look exactly like the pictures posted?
    Your cookies may not be an absolute perfect replica. I’ll try to keep it close though!
  • What about copyrighted images?
    Copyrighted images (think Star Wars, Disney and Cocomelon) are protected and I won’t be able to replicate these baked goods. Who wants a cookie controversy, right? I can make a similar color palate though so let’s talk.
  • Can you make photographic cookie images?
    Say cheese! I often create replicas of my client orders to photograph these sweet looking sweets. I love receiving your event display photos too! If you do not want your cookies in the spotlight please let me know at the time you place your order and your secret is safe with me.
  • Do you make small cookie orders?
    Eenie Meenie Order Minimums (that didn’t rhyme – I’m a baker not a poet) I require a minimum order of one dozen for standard size cookies (3-½ to 4-½ in.) Need fewer? Stay tuned for a pre-order, market or pop up shop announcement on my social media pages.
  • Do you ship your delicious cookies anywhere?
    As much as I would love to hand deliver each batch, unfortunately I often need the help of USPS. I do my best to package the cookies for the rough ride, but broken cookies are a possibility and a non-refundable risk you take when placing a shipped order. Also, while I ship priority I can’t guarantee that rain, sleet, snow or hail won’t delay your order. Refunds can’t be offered but know that they are on their way. Once tracking information is provided, claims for lost orders can be placed with USPS.
  • How are these delicious treats made?
    Cottage Food Laws This order has been made in a home kitchen not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or local health department. My kitchen is not nut free, egg free, dairy free, or gluten free. Boring disclaimer, but I have to say it per the law. (*tips cowboy hat* *straightens Sheriff pin*)
  • Are there discounts for bulk orders?
    Due to the custom work required for each cookie, I am unable to extend discounts regardless of quantity. If you have a specific budget you are working with, feel free to let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to offer you a solution that fits your budget.
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