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In-Home Decorating Party




2 hours


"Build a Snowman"

Get ready for a sweet escape with our 'Sprinkle Squad” Decorating Night!

Price: Starts at $250.00

When was the last time you gathered your besties for a night of sugary fun? It's time to bring your 'sprinkle squad' together for a night of laughter, icing, and cookie magic! My Cookie Cottage is thrilled to offer an entertaining experience where you and your crew can master the art of decorating with royal icing.

Guess what? If you're the host, your cookie decorating dreams come true for FREE, courtesy of My Cookie Cottage. For your fabulous friends, it's just $50 per person. This inclusive deal includes all the goodies - decorating supplies, an hour of My Cookie Cottage’s expert tips, six blank cookies per person, four icing bags bursting with colors, a royal icing practice sheet, a cute cookie box to carry home your creations, and even borrowed scissors. No stress, all fun! And the best part? No sneaky sales tax on top of the listed price. Let the cookie party planning commence! 🍪✨"

Minimum attendance requirement: 6 participants, including the host (that’s you!).

Here's how it works:

1. Throw the party in your cozy home.

2. Invite your Squad (minimum of 5 attendees, with you as the 6th).

3. Set the date for your event by shooting an email to me - I'll sort it all out.

4. Choose your designs. 

       -I have many sets of ready to go classes included in the price.  If you want to

        choose your own designs we can do that for a $30 upcharge.

5. Once your date is firm, book and pay for your event. Collect the cash from your

attendees to pay yourself back - you're the financial maestro.

6. Prepare an area in your home with seating and a table surface for each person.

7. My Cookie Cottage brings everything else needed for the Sprinkle Squad

Decorating Night. Feel free to coordinate food and drinks with your friends for an

extra touch.

My Cookie Cottage will lead the way by covering some basics to sugar cookies (so – yes, it’s beginner friendly!), do some piping practice with Royal Icing, talk about how to strategize the best ways to decorate sugar cookies, and cover the general concepts around dough and icing!  Then your guests will experience a step-by-step decorating experience.  . If you have the ability for us to hook up our laptop or phone to a TV or screen to project our step-by-step slideshow, that would be great (No worries if not; we can go old fashioned.)

Once everyone feels like cookie decorating rockstars, the last part of the experience is freeform decorating time for attendees to complete their remaining three cookies. My Cookie Cottage can provide design ideas upon request of your guests if they need some extra inspo.

Need more cookies or extra icing colors per person? Easy peasy! Bake it Count's got your back with a per-person upcharge.  Many people like to purchase add-on DIY kits so they can teach their kids when they get home!  Sprinkles, royal icing transfers, recipe cards, snazzy printed image customizations, step-by-step printouts, and bonus instruction time are all included on the menu.

My Cookie Cottage will travel within a 25 mile radius of Carpentersville for no charge. Outside of that area there will be a small upcharge for mileage. 

Secure your spot by purchasing the party using the button below.  Make sure you have checked on your date availability with me first! 

Your Instructor

My Cookie Cottage

My Cookie Cottage

​Hi, my name is Michelle & I am a home-based, small-batch baker located in Carpentersville, IL. As owner of My Cookie Cottage, I am here to help make the special events, milestones and memories in your life a bit sweeter! I am known as “Teacher by day” and “Cookier by night”, but I plan to put this gig into full swing in retirement in a few short years! I hope you will allow me to help you make your guests and family smile with custom-made sugar cookies personalized for your very special occasions!

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