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Corporate Team Building Decorating Event




1 hour


"Build a Snowman"

Elevate your corporate events or team building sessions with our Instructor-Led Private Decorating Events, tailored for gatherings such as corporate team-building events or company celebrations. These exclusive events are hosted at the location of your choice, whether it be your corporate office or a rented event space.

My Cookie Cottage ensures a seamless experience by providing comprehensive cookie decorating supplies at a nominal cost of $35 per attendee. This package includes essential items such as 3 blank cookies per participant, 4 icing bags in an array of colors, a royal icing practice sheet, a convenient cookie box for attendees to transport their creations, along with paper towels and borrowed scissors for added convenience. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing step-by-step color handouts to facilitate a comprehensive understanding during the live instructional session and demonstrations.

The instructional fee is $100 per hour, with the typical session lasting one hour, allowing participants to decorate three cookies. You can choose your designs from our pre-designed gallery or for an upcharge of $30, our expert team can coordinate with you in advance to curate custom cookie designs suitable for your event. Additionally, if your venue permits, we can enhance the learning experience by projecting our laptop to a screen using a document camera for live demos.

Before making your purchase, please confirm availability by contacting me at to ensure compatibility with your desired date, time, and location. While we primarily serve the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, locations beyond 25 miles from 60110 incur an additional $30-50 flat fee. Class must be utilized within 6 months of the purchase date.

Orders must be paid in full upon purchase. Enjoy a hassle-free transaction as there is NO sales tax on top of the listed price.

Should you anticipate the need for more than 3 cookies or 4 icing colors per attendee, our team is delighted to accommodate such requests for a per-person upcharge. 

Please note that a minimum of 15 attendees is required for these private, instructor-led decorating sessions. As an example, for a group of 15 attendees without additional kit upgrades, the cost would be $625 for this exclusive experience ($100 for 1 hour of instruction + $35 per attendee). Our sessions can accommodate up to 40 attendees, ensuring effective guidance and personalized assistance. Larger groups can be accommodated by scheduling multiple sessions.

Interested in a more intimate cookie decorating night with friends? We offer those too! Explore our 'Sprinkle Squad' Decorating Night here: [Link to Cookie Crew Event]. 

The key distinction between our “Sprinkle Squad” and our “Corporate Cookie Crafters” lies in the intended audience. Our “Corporate Cookie Crafters” events are intended for larger groups where attendees may not all know each other and likely have shorter total cookie decorating time. For these our pricing structure is different, we come with print outs and our document camera to accommodate the larger group. We also decorate 3 cookies vs 6 per person. “Sprinkle Squad” events are intended to be more intimate gatherings in your home with lots of talk time among friends. Discover the perfect fit for your occasion with My Cookie Cottage!

Your Instructor

My Cookie Cottage

My Cookie Cottage

​Hi, my name is Michelle & I am a home-based, small-batch baker located in Carpentersville, IL. I have been a teacher for the past 30 years and as the owner of My Cookie Cottage, I am here to help make your corporate events and teambuilding a bit sweeter! I hope you will allow me to help you make your employees smile with custom-made sugar cookies personalized for your very special occasion!

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